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Kyrgyz-British Joint Company Dostuck-Trekking LTD


Автономные походы в Тянь Шань 


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 Traveling by Kyrgyzstan is indissolubly connected with the Great Silk Road. The Great Silk Road passed through the territory of modern Kyrgyzstan across mountainous rivers, picturesque high mountain lakes, waterfalls, the highest peaks and the largest glaciers, gorges and passes. Caravanserais and ruins of ancient settlements are the silent witnesses of the past greatness of the Great Silk Road and attract a great attention of travelers. The Great Silk Road was not only a trading way; it had been connecting countries and peoples, cultures and religions…


Kyrgyzstan has excellent opportunities for trekking due to its geographical location and nature potential. As a rule, most interesting and alluring places are located far from cities and main roads and sometimes are accessible not for everyone. Such kind of traveling as trekking will help you to see undercover corners of virginal nature. Our company offers a wide range of programs varying from easy one day walks to difficult many days tours. The choice of the route depends on its aim, physical abilities of travelers and duration. Main route pass across Northern and Central Tien Shan. The best time for treks is from May till October.



Variety of landscapes allows making full spectrum of adventures. The most popular adventures see below:

By geographical location and specifics of climbing itineraries the following most popular climbing territories can be marked

Region 1. (Central Tien-Shan). The main peaks: Khan-Tengry (7.010 m), Pobeda (7.439 m). This region is characterized by plenty of peaks with altitudes over 6.000 m. Climbs have a real high-altitude character, itineraries are characterized by plenty of snow and ice with part of ice and snow-covered rocks.

Region 2. (Tien-Shan:Western Kokshaal-Too Range). The main peaks: Dankova (5982 m), Kyzyl-Asker (5842). Itineraries are combined, basically ice and rocks. Lots of walls are complicated and super complicated. This region is known as "Great Wall" on the Chinese side.

Region 3. (Tien-Shan: Terskei Ala-Too Range). The main peaks: Karakolsky (5.281 m), Djigit (5.120 m). Itineraries are combined, basically ice and rocks. Lots of walls are complicated and super complicated.
Region 4. (Tien-Shan: Kyrgizsky Ala-Too Range). The main peaks: Semynov-Tian-Shanksiy (4.875 m), Svobodnaya Korea (4.740 m), Korona (4.860 m). The very popular region since located nearby Bishkek. Itineraries are combined (basically ice-rocks) and rocks. Lots of walls are complicated and super complicated.
Region 5. (Pamir: Zaalaiskij Range). The main peak is Lenin (7.134 m). The very popular region for high-altitude climbers - beginners. The itineraries are basically ice and snow-covered.
Region 6. (Pamir: Turkestan Range). The main peaks: Blok (5.020 m), Ak-Suu (5.355 m), 4880 m. It is very popular region among admires of rock-wall itineraries. This region is often compared to Patagonia.

There are unique nature conditions for development of mountain ski tourism in our country. Heliski and downhill skiing are the most popular programs among tourists. The best period for these tours is December - April, the region - outskirts of Bishkek and Karakol.

Horse holds an important position in the life of Kyrgyz people. Horse-riding tours let to get acquainted with nomads' life, unique nature and grow fond of a marvelous animal - horse. The vicinities of the Issyk-Kul lake, Bishkek and Karakol are the main areas for these tours. The best time is June - September.


Our programs