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Курсы валют Кыргызстана по отношению к сому
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Kyrgyz-British Joint Company Dostuck-Trekking LTD


Автономные походы в Тянь Шань 



    DTR - 1

ALONG THE GOLDEN RING OF THE GREAT SILK ROAD  You are offered to make an exciting travel along the Great Silk Road that passed from China through Kyrgyzstan. Several overnights in yurts allow you to feel national essential of Kyrgyz lifestyle. Acquaintance with multinational traditions of two countries - Kyrgyzstan and China, will make your trip interesting and unforgettable.

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    DTR - 2

AROUND ISSYK-KUL LAKE  Lake Issyk-Kul ("Hot Lake", Turk.) is a pearl of Kyrgyzstan. The lake is located at the altitude of 1609 m above sea level ringing with snow-white mountains more than 4000 m height. Travel includes visiting the historical monuments dating to different epochs and belonging to different peoples populated this territory.

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    DTR - 3

IN THE COUNTRY OF MOUNTAINS  Kyrgyzstan is the country of mountains. The most interesting and attractive places, accessible not for all, are located in the mountains. The given tour will afford you such opportunity. You will visit National Park "Ala-Archa" and the unique high altitude Lake Issyk-Kul, take part in horse-game show in one of Kungey Ala-Too gorges, stop for overnight in a yurt - nomad's dwelling. You will meet ancient historical monuments on your traveling route.

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    DTR - 4

YURT CAMPS ALONG SILK ROAD  Yurt is the ancient felt dwelling of nomads. During time of Silk Road, yurts were safe shelter for travelers. Our company offers to make journey along historical places of Kyrgyzstan and you will be able to feel as one of the first discoverers of the Great Silk Road. After this tour you will recollect lakes Issyk-Kul and Son-Kul, ancient caravanserai Tash-Rabat, amazing nature and hospitable people of Kyrgyzstan.

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    DTR - 5

MANAS COUNTRY  Manas is a legendary hero of the Kyrgyz epic. Manas fought for independence of the Kyrgyz and laid the foundation of the Kyrgyz statehood. The Kyrgyz are peculiar people. They have created their own unique way of existence during thousand years history. Acquaintance with ancient Kyrgyz customs and traditions as well as variety of Kyrgyz landscapes will leave an unforgettable impression.

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