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Курсы валют Кыргызстана по отношению к сому
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Kyrgyz-British Joint Company Dostuck-Trekking LTD


Автономные походы в Тянь Шань 



DTR - 1

Group-size: 2 - 16 persons.
7 departures in 2017:
June: 11-24, June-July: 25-08, July: 09-22, July-August: 23-05, August: 06-19, August-September: 20-02, September: 03-16

Day 1. Bishkek Town (B).
Arrival in Bishkek Town. Meeting at the airport. Transfer to the hotel “Kausar”, accommodation. Afternoon sightseeing: visit Historical Museum and Ala-Too Square, the Museum of Fine Arts, the monument of Manas.
Bishkek Town located in the central part of the Chui Valley, in the foothills of the Kyrgyz Ala-Too Mountains at the altitude of 700 m - 850 m. Summer in Bishkek is hot and dry. Temperature in July is sometimes up to +40° C. The average winter temperature is -7° C. Snow in winter is not more than 15 sm. Bishkek as a city appeared near the Pishpek Fortress which was built in 1825 on the ancient trade road from Central Asia to China at the cross with road to Verniy Town. Pishpek Fortress was located at the cross-road of caravan ways from Kashgar Town, Sir-Darya and Fergana, at the conjunction of four mail roads from Verniy Town, Tashkent Town, Karakol Town and Naryn Town.

Day 2. Bishkek Town - Osh Town (BLD).
Morning flight to Osh Town. Accommodation at the hotel “Sun-Rise”. Transfer to Uzgen Town. Visit the historical and architectural complex of Karakhanids era (XI-XII centuries), rice fields and traditional bazaar. Osh pilaf rice and famous Uzgen "devzra". Comeback to Osh Town, city tour including visiting mountain Takht-i-Suleiman and Spiritual Culture Museum, located in the mountain cave complex. Dinner at the hotel.

Day 3. Osh Town – Sary-Tash Village (BLD).
In the morning transfer to Sary-Tash Village. The road lies through picturesque mountain passes. Before this route called as Pamir’s Tract. It is possible to see the snow pyramid of Lenin Peak (7134 m) crowing the Alay Range from Taldyk Pass. Accommodation at the quest-house.

Day 4. Sary-Tash Village – Irkeshtam Pass – KashgarTown (BLD).
Early in the morning transfer to Irkeshtam Pass. Meeting with Сhinese guide, transfer to Kashgar (China). Accommodation at the hotel.

Day 5. Kashgar Town - Karakul Lake (BLD).
Transfer to Karakul Lake, walking around. Comeback in Kashgar. Accommodation at the hotel.

Day 6. Kashgar - Taklamakan Desert (BLD).
Transfer to Taklamakan Desert, walking around. Comeback in Kashgar. Accommodation at the hotel.

Day 7. Kashgar Town (BLD).
Full day city-tour in Kashgar: ApakHoja Tomb and bazaar. Accommodation at the hotel.

Day 8. Kashgar Town - Torugart Pass - Tash-Rabat Gorge (BLD).
Transfer to Torugart Pass. Meeting with Kyrgyz guide, transfer to Tash-Rabat Gorge. Accommodation at the yurt camp. Excursion to the small structure of the XV century - Tash-Rabat.
Tash-Rabat is unique stone building, which haven't analogue on territory of Central Asia. Scientists assume that many centuries ago there was a caravanserai for the merchants moving along the Great Silk Road. Due to masonry simplicity, proportion heaviness and lack of window apertures, the building seems to be severe. In this period, big towns grew in all suitable for farming valleys. Their character feature is a large area of field ground enclosed with a long wall around the principal dwelling territory.

Day 9. Tash-Rabat Gorge – Son-Kul Lake (BLD).
In the morning transfer to Son-Kul Lake. Accommodation at the yurt camp. Walking around.
Son-Kul Lake is second by its size lake in Kyrgyzstan. It is located in Tien-Shan Mountains on the altitude 3013 m. The depth is 13 m, width -15 km, length - above 30 km. Surroundings lake vegetable and animal kingdom is unique and variety. However surprising, but you wouldn't see here someone tree or even bushes, but here is many different medicinal plants and flowers. More than 60 varieties of water birds live on the lake. Many herds of sheeps and horses are grazing by watching Kyrgyz herdsmen, which live in felt kibitkas (yurts) near the lake in summer time. On the shore of the lake are located Scything tumulus, that is evidence about the situating one of the center of nomads which leave in area of Kyrgyzia in ancient time. The road, goes to Son-Kul, is passed among mountains and it seems as road disappeared in heaven. Therefore, Son-Kul translates from Kyrgyz as "the last lake".

Day 10. Son-Kul Lake – Karakol Town (BL).
Transfer to Karakol Town. Accommodation at the hotel.

Day 11. Karakol Town (B).
City tour includes visiting the Russian Orthodox wooden Church, Dungan Mosque.
Karakol is the biggest city, situated near the Issyk-Kul Lake. Karakol was named Przhevalsk in period 1889 - 1991, in honor of famous Russian traveler - explorer Nikolai Przhevalski. At present it is administrative center of Issyk-Kul region, it's population above 80 000. The sightseeing of Karakol are Nikolai Przhevalski Memorial, wooden Dungan Mosque, Orthodox church. Karakol is well-known by many travels of exploring Tien-Shan has started and starting at present time.
Russian Orthodox Church located in the center of the town. It was built in 1895 and it is the most ancient Orthodox Church in Kyrgyzstan. It is also one of the biggest wooden buildings in Central Asia.
Dungan Mosque - the magnificent monument of the architecture of the XX century beginning that was built up without any single nail. The builders used the experience and the craftsmanship of the traditional Dungan wood architecture.
After lunch visiting Memorial complex of Nikolai Przevalski. It was founded in 1894 in memory of famous Russian traveler - explorer Nikolai Przhevalski. Complex is located near Issyk-Kul Lake at 12 km from Karakol town. The area of the complex was located near the shore in period of foundation. The shore is gone out on few hundreds meters now. Memorial complex includes monument built in 1894 year, chapel and big orchard. Here, in the silent of beautiful orchard, the grave of famous traveler is situated.

Day 12. Karakol Town – Bishkek Town (BL).
Transfer to Bishkek Town, en the route visiting Burana Historical Center. Accommodation at the hotel.
The Burana Minaret is an architectural monument of the XIth century. It is located about 70 km east of the country's capital Bishkek, near the town of Tokmok. One of the ways of The Great Silk Road passed through the town. The tower, along with grave markers, some earthworks and the remnants of a castle and three mausoleums, is all that remains of the ancient city of Balasagun, which was established by the Karakhanids at the end of the IXth century. An external staircase and steep, winding stairway inside the tower enables visitors to climb to the top. The tower was originally 45 m (148 ft) high. However, over the centuries a number of earthquakes caused significant damage to the structure. The last major earthquake in the XVth century destroyed the top half of the tower, reducing it to its current height of 25m (82 ft).

Day 13. Bishkek Town - Ala-Archa Gorge (BL).
In the morning transfer to Ala-Archa National Park.
The National Natural Park "Ala-Archa" was founded in 1976; it is located in same name valley 35 km from Bishkek Town, among mountains of Kyrgyz Range. The area is 19,4 thousands of hectares Exclusive landscapes (forest, alpine meadows, mountains, glaciers, waterfalls) and simple access easiness are attracting here many people for rest, hiking, trekking, ascending. In the time of Soviet Union the alp camp "Ala-Archa" disposed here, one of the most famous alpinist center. Lunch in the territory of park. In the afternoon back to Bishkek Town. Free time for walking in the city, shopping.

Day 14. Bishkek Town – airport.
Transfer to the airport. Departure.


  2 рах - $ 2066 per person
  3 рах - $ 1817 per person

  4 рах - $ 1423 per person

  5 рах - $ 1387 per person

  6 рах - $ 1213 per person

  7 рах - $ 1171 per person

  8 рах - $ 1089 per person

  9 рах - $ 1065 per person

10 рах - $ 1026 per person

Service: all transfers, plane ticket  Bishkek-Osh, accommodation (Bishkek 4 nights, Osh 1 night, Karakol 2 nights, Kashgar 4 nights, Sary-Tash 1 night, yurt camp 2 nights), guide, food as indicated in program, excursions entry tickets).

Additional  payment for  single accommodation $ 150



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