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Автономные походы в Тянь Шань 



    DA - 1

ASCENT OF KHAN-TENGRI (7010 m)  Khan-Tengri Peak is one of the most beautiful and well-known mountain peaks all over the world. Every climber desires to conquer this peak. You are offered one of the ways to achieve this dream.

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    DA - 2

ASCENT OF POBEDA PEAK (7439 m)  Pobeda Peak is the most Northern seven-thousander peak of the Earth. Ascent of Pobeda Peak is compared with ascent of eight-thousander peak. The history of the peak discovery and conquering is full of mysteries and tragedies.

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Pobeda Peak

    DA - 3

ASCENT OF LENIN PEAK (7134 m.) Lenin Peak is one of the most popular seven thousander peak of the Earth. Its popularity is caused by its easy accessibility (transfer from Bishkek to the base camp is only two days) and relatively not complicated itinerary...

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    DA - 4

ASCENT OF MUZTAG-ATA PEAK (7546 m)   Muztag-Ata Peak is located on the territory of China within three days drive from Bishkek. This peak is unique because of its accessibility (the base camp is situated just at the foot of the peak) and multifunctionality. It attracts not only mountain-climbers but extremal mountain-skiers as well...

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 Muztag-Ata Reak

    DA - 6

WESTERN KOKSHAL-TOO RANGE  is located at the south border of the eastern part of Kyrgyzstan. The frontier of Kyrgyzstan and China goes by its divide part. Till recently it was a closed territory and military men didn't allow the tourists to this area. Only some expeditions of Soviet mountain-climbers were lucky to visit this difficult of access, but very beautiful and interesting region...

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 Kuzul-Asker Peak

    DA - 7

HORSE-RIDING IN KYRGYZIA  horse-riding tours differ in duration, grade of complication and chosen area for riding. Often itineraries run along virgin nature of Tien-Shan, where spruce and juniper forests are changed by alpine meadows with glades of edelweisses and primroses and not numerous mountain roses and tulips...

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Horse Riding

    DA - 8

HELISKI IN TIEN-SHAN  There are many favorable opportunities for organization of mountain and extremal skiing tours in Kyrgyzstan . The program of skiing from mountain slopes and peaks by virgin snow is one for extremal skiing lovers.

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