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Курсы валют Кыргызстана по отношению к сому
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Kyrgyz-British Joint Company Dostuck-Trekking LTD


Автономные походы в Тянь Шань 



DA - 7
Horse occupied an important position in the life and culture of Kyrgyz people over many centuries. In social being horse always embodied a symbol of wealth and well-being. In all legends and sagas the image of horse was bounded up with a daring of Kyrgyz heroes, with faith to the master. Now consequence of horse is more prosaically, though it is still indispensable in private life of Kyrgyz people. Nowadays a horse is used mostly as transport facility and for luggage carrying. Horse is also a source of delicious meat for the national celebrations. Kyrgyz horse distinguishes small dimensions, endurance and particular ability to overcome steep slopes. They are ideal for traveling over the mountains and enduring the extreme climatic conditions. They are unpretentious with food, quiet and always respond to the care. Horses are reliable and irreplaceable in treks.
Horse-riding tours differ in duration, grade of complication and chosen area for riding. Often itineraries run along virgin nature of Tien-Shan, where spruce and juniper forests are changed by alpine meadows with glades of edelweisses and primroses and not numerous mountain roses and tulips. Each group of tourists is escorted by an experienced guide, translator, groom and cook. They set up tents, prepare food, take care of horses and equipment. During the horse-riding tour you will certainly meet nomadic shepherds, visit their dwellings, and taste Kyrgyz national dishes. The company "Dostuck-Trekking" offers you horse-riding tours in different regions of Kyrgyzstan. The most popular tours are vicinities of Bishkek and Karakol, region of Issyk-Kul Lake. The best period for horse-riding is June-September.

1. Meeting in airport, transfer to the southern shore of Issyk-Kul Lake, on the rout visiting Burana Tower, accommodation at the yurt camp                                                                                                                                                         2. Transfer to Barskoon gorge where horseback starts point. Ride along Barskoon gorge to Dongoreme gorge, camping.
3. Ride over Dongoreme Pass (3773 m) to Jooku gorge, camping.
4. Rest day (reserve day in case of bad weather), or riding to Jooku Lakes.
5. Ride down along Jooku gorge to confluence with Kichi-Jargylchak gorge, camping.
6. Radial ride to hot spring, after lunch transfer to the shore of Issyk-Kul Lake, accommodation at yurt camp, rest.
7. Rest, after lunch transfer to Bishkek, accommodation at hotel.
8. Visiting bazaar to buying souvenirs, rest, farewell dinner in the restaurant with folklore ensemble performance.
9. Transfer to the airport, departure.


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